Pragathi – Year end update (2019) and Nobel Prize for Economics

As we are about to close out the year 2019, it’s time to share a couple of updates related to Pragathi. Fundraiser One of the updates is that we conducted a program update and a drama fest (Natakotsava) in the fall which was a very successful event.  The event was very well attended with Pragathi’s [...]

English Remedial Program Implementation

This is a follow up from the blog about the English remedial program.  In the previous blog, we established the need for learning English in India and how just the language is an enabler for economic upliftment of the people.  We also talked about the reasoning of why a good communication skill in English leads [...]

English Project

English Remedial Project This is a bit of a lengthy post.  In this post, I cover the details of a major English remedial project that just got launched with partnership with Rotary International.  I also cover the importance of English language education in India, before India’s independence, after independence and in the current globalized economy.  [...]

Pragathi Project Execution

Pragathi has helped the partner organizations improve their project and program management significantly. As is true in many areas, the people working in the nonprofit organizations do so because of their passion and their belief in the mission of the organizations.  Many would have grown organically and would have adapted their processes and procedures on [...]

Pragathi Project Selection

A brief overview of the project selection process is described below. Criteria Pragathi uses a range of criteria to select projects.  Pragathi looks at multiple factors before selecting a project.  Many times Pragathi launches a pilot project to assess the capabilities of the service partner and also the support and cooperation of the government schools [...]

Solutions for Poor Learning

Pragathi has partnered with Pratham India in the state of Karnataka to implement the Read India program.  Pragathi has also partnered with Rotary International under the TEACH initiative by the Rotary clubs. Read India is essentially a remediation program which addresses the gap in education and learning levels in schools[1]. Beginnings Pratham started in the [...]

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